Amnesty for Alienated American Parents

Reducing the Hopelessness for Alienated Parents.

Reducing the Hopelessness for Alienated Parents.Reducing the Hopelessness for Alienated Parents.

Amnesty For Alienated American Parents – AFAAP

Fair Reduction of Hopelessness for Dis-enfranchised Parents

 There are many road blocks to happiness in our country. 

Many of these hit servicemen, servicewomen and their children especially hard. 

Chief among these is the debacle of family court. Family court is always a source of uncertainty. Uncertainty leads to hopelessness. Hopelessness leads to violence, either to themselves, or to others. 

I, Fred Sottile (Spokesman for AFAAP), understand the complexity of family relations, fears, and domestic violence. I do fully. I have attended and studied (on the record) the Los Angeles County Council on Domestic Violence for six years as a compelled observer. 

Family Law Court is a crap-shoot. Anything can happen. In fact, these courts are for profit organizations. Their concerns are certainly not in the best interest of the people whose lives are in their hands.

Typically, the court first serves the jurisdiction that receives benefits from Federal Government funding, from multiple avenues of billing. The jurisdiction is primarily the county, but there are benefits to the State as well. 

We, the AFAAP, are not attempting here to address all the wrongs that have ever been done to families by family courts. The task is too large. What we are addressing is the fact that once in this system, it is impossible to get out. And I mean for most, impossible; short of suicide. 

In innumerable cases, a parent has not seen or heard from his or her children for long periods of time. There are many reasons for this, some legitimate, some not. Either way, the parent is locked in a system that haunts that person regardless of circumstances.

The parent literally becomes dis-enfranchised, losing his or her ability to live as a citizen.

What we are recommending is amnesty

If a parent hasn’t seen his or her children for one year, the family law case should be closed with no possibility of being reopened. In other words, if in reality “it’s over,” the persecution of the estranged parent should stop permanently. That parent should be able “to turn the page” on a life that no longer exists, and be re-enfranchised with his or her country.   

This idea is not an attempt to promote that a parent should abandon hope of reunion

It is simply an attempt to give that parent a chance for emotional and economic stability.

As spokesman, I welcome the opportunity to work together with you in person. I am well-able to speak with authority and economy on any of the points that will fall into consideration on this issue. I have so much more on which to elaborate, all of it well considered.

I believe that considering PTSD and the suicide rate among our veterans, my proposal has real value, and obviously value to civilians as well.


Grandparents are victims of this problem as well. There are millions of loving grandfathers and grandmothers in America who cannot see their grandchildren because of court malfeasance. Many of these people believe that it must be lawyers who will help them. They give over a fortune to lawyers not knowing that their case is hopeless. It is elder abuse. It is fleecing of innocent people compelled by love, and cheated by a cruel system. 

Work Productivity

Ask any employer who has a person plagued by the PTSD that court causes for their employee. Business owners will be sympathetic to an employee because we all understand what courts do. The employer tries to “be there” for the alienated parent, but also suffers from having a highly distracted worker. The employer pays the price for their humanity, while the capricious court profits. It’s wrong. 

Improved Culture

 If the court and the alienated parent realize that the “gravy train” will end in a short period of time because the alienated parent will receive amnesty, perhaps in most cases, the alienation will not start to begin with. This would be a huge leap forward to stopping the damage to children that alienation causes.

Happy Healthy Children

With the scourge of parental alienation defeated, children will be happier, healthier, and more able to have a normal secure childhood. The children, knowing the love and support of both parents, and all four grandparents, if they are lucky enough to have them, will yield immeasurable improvement in their lives. Society wins.

This proposal is nothing but good. Understand it. Support it. 

Thank You Sincerely. Fred Sottile Cell – 310-469-4996